Frequently Asked Questions

This information is primarily destined at clubs, teams and societies who have already reserved their space at this year's Freshers' Fair.  Please click here if you are still interested in reserving a stall but have not already done so.

When will Freshers' Fair be this year?

  • Thursday 8 October – 09:30 to 16:30

  • Friday 9 October – 09:00 to 16:00

  • Saturday 10 October – 09:00 to 16:00 (ReFreshers' Fair)

Who will attend?
For the first two days (Thursday and Friday), Freshers' Fair is a ticketed event attended by all new students, both undergraduate and postgraduate.  Common Rooms have arranged specific times for students to attend.

On the final day (Saturday) the Fair will be open to all members of the University to visit ReFreshers' Fair, where students will have the chance to catch up on everything they missed during their first year.

Can I still book a stall?
Yes, please click here for more information about booking stalls.  The deadline for booking stalls is 1 August.  Any stalls booked after this date will be required to pay a £10 late reservation surcharge.

When can I set up my stall?
Set up day will be Wednesday 7 October, the exact times and coordination of this will be confirmed at a later date.  Please ensure that somebody from your organisation is available on this day as it will be very difficult to make exceptions to this procedure.

How will access to the Fair work?
Depending on the size of your stall, you will receive a certain number of passes allowing access to the Fair via the Stallholders' Entrance.  You will receive your passes on set-up day (Wednesday), and will then be able to distribute them within your organisation however you like. 

How many passes do we get?

  • 1 desk – 2 passes

  • 2 desks – 2 passes

  • 3 desks – 3 passes

  • 4 desks + – 8 passes

Can we get extra passes?

I can't be there all day, is it possible to swap passes with other members of my organisation?
Yes, this is absolutely fine.  Once you have the passes, it's up to you to share them out to other members of your organisation. The people running your stall can return to the Stallholders' Entrance as many times as they like during the Fair itself to exchange passes with new volunteers, but stewards won't be able to help with the exchange of passes.

We don't have people available to run our stall the whole time, what should we do?
Obviously, it's best for your stall to be open for all of the sessions, throughout the three days of the Fair, to maximise your impact.
Even if you can't attend for every session of the Fair, it is imperative that somebody from your organisation is there to take charge of your stall during set-up and again at the end of the day on Saturday to help with clearing up.  Failure to do this will result in you forfeiting your stall and us cashing your deposit cheque.

Can I decorate my stall?
Yes, within in reason, but please bear in mind that you have agreed to the Stallholder Regulations.  You can hang banners from the front of your stall, or across the top using canes for support, but you can't attach anything to the walls.  Backboards will be available for hire, and details will be confirmed and messaged out to all stallholders soon. 
Remember to make sure you give yourself plenty of time to decorate your stall by arriving as early as possible on Tuesday, as the organisations with the most attractive stalls will inevitably attract the most attention!

How big are the stalls?
Each desk is approximately 760 x 480 mm, or 30 x 19", and stalls are made up of one, two, three or four desks.  Check your confirmation e-mail to find out how many you have.

Can I bring my laptop for people to sign up/to show a promotional film?
Yes, but only using your battery.  Other than that, there will be no electrical equipment allowed at the Fair.

Can I display anything I want on my stall?
No.  Your attention is drawn to the details in the Stallholder Regulations, but in particular, please remember that materials which display the logos of commercial organisations are forbidden, as is anything which is likely to offend visitors to the Fair.  Stewards will be checking stalls during set-up and throughout the Fair, and all offending material will have to be removed.

How do I submit material to be checked before the Fair?
Printed materials will not be checked before the Fair, the onus is on stallholders to make sure they don't include anything on their stall that breaches the Regulations.  If you have any doubts about interpreting the rules, then please get in touch.

Can I amend my booking?
Yes, of course.  Please e-mail with all of your details.  Please bear in mind that space is limited and it will become progressively more difficult to upgrade your stall close to the Fair.

Can I cancel my booking?
Yes, up until Friday 11 September with a full refund.  Just e-mail with details.  After that, refunds are at our discretion, but please contact us with details.

Are recruiting stewards, where can I find more info?
We certainly are.  Please visit the stewarding page to find out more.

Where can I find more information?
If your question isn't answered above, please e-mail us